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RapidSMTP™ - Email Marketing Software

Design. Deliver. Track. Now email marketing is easy as 1-2-3.

RapidSMTP™ is an award winning high-performance email marketing software to create and send personalized marketing emails. RapidSMTP™ deploys its own network of high-speed email servers for the highest delivery rate. Submit your newsletter with an amazing speed to a large audience in a few minutes. Track the success of your campaigns with detailed statistics on delivery, opened emails, forwarded emails, visited webpages on your entire website and the exact geographical location of your recipients. Personalize emails using database contents for true one-to-one marketing. RapidSMTP™ connects to your local database and handles subscriptions/unsubscriptions automatically.

RapidSMTP™ has received many product awards and highest ratings.

RapidSMTP™ deploys a powerful personalization engine. Here are some examples:

  • Personally greet each recipient with his name.
  • Send geotargeted offers to countries, regions or even cities.
  • Send targeted offers to age-groups.
  • Determine the gender from first name and send custom offers to male and female users.
  • Send emails to users, who have not visited your website for a defined time span.
  • Send emails with product information to users, who have visited a specific webpage.

RapidSMTP™ supports the following languages:

(English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Greek, Russian, Chinese, Japanese)

email marketing expert"A powerful solution that is fast and reliable."
If your company searches for a reliable, scalable solution to reach your customers by email, then RapidSMTP™ is the right solution for you. You can send emails to a large number of recipients within minutes. RapidSMTP™ only submits the necessary data in a very efficient way, while the hard work of email creation and delivery is performed by a network of high-performance servers. Servers are continuously monitored 24 hours, 7 days a week by experts, providing you with the highest delivery rate possible.
email marketing expert"Connects to any database and provides excellent reports and statistics. "
RapidSMTP™ allows you to exploit all pieces of information in your database to personalize each email message for true one-to-one email marketing. DynamicText is a full featured script language with more than 100 functions allowing you to control both content and appearance for each email message. You get complex real-time statistics on opened emails, visited webpages and the exact geographical location of your recipients.

email marketing expert"An easy-to-use application that is installed within a few minutes."
RapidSMTP™ is a fully networked application that can be used companywide by many users on multiple computers simultaneously. RapidSMTP™ needs no complicated setup: it installs on any PC within a couple of minutes and there is no configuration necessary. Best of all: you only need to sign-up for one account and you can install RapidSMTP™ Desktop Software on any number of PCs without additional charge!

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Key features

Key Features:

  • High-Performance: Send emails with high-speed (>100,000 emails per hour).
  • Reliable: RapidSMTP deploys its own network of email servers to provide you with highest delivery rate for your newsletter.
  • Any database supported: MS Access, MS Excel, MS Outlook, CSV, dBase, HTML files, unformatted text/binary files, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL Server, Oracle and IBM Informix.
  • Personalize: Control both appearance and content of each email message individually.
  • Statistics and Reports: Get detailed real-time statistics on opened emails, forwarded emails and visited webpages on your entire website.
  • Geolocation: Determine the exact geographical location of your recipients and send geotargeted offers to countries, regions or even cities.
  • CAN-SPAM compliant: Automatically manage subscriptions and unsubscriptions.

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