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RapidSMTP™ is amazingly fast - easily send more than 100,000 emails per hour.

RapidSMTP™ consists of two components:

  • RapidSMTP™ Desktop Software, which runs on your local PC.
  • A network of highspeed mail servers, which take care of email creation and delivery.

A custom communication protocol ("RapidSMTP") is deployed which is superior to the common SMTP protocol in means of speed, security and efficiency. Your email is only submitted once along with personalization information for each recipient. This results in dramatically increased speed. Your mailing will be submitted typically in a few minutes only, even if you have a large audience and a slow internet connection. Also, you can send large HTML emails or emails with attachments (i.e. with PDF-Files) with nearly no slow down.

Does your ISP limit your outbound email traffic? These restrictions will be bypassed since RapidSMTP™ neither uses your ISP's email servers, nor your internet connection for direct sending. RapidSMTP™ is the only email marketing software which deploys its own unique infrastructure of high-speed email servers resulting in the highest speed and deliverability rate for your newsletters.


  • Dramatically increased speed.
  • High deliverability rate.
  • Speed independent of your newsletter's size.
  • Bypass limitations set by your ISP.



Above you see a graph of emails per hour. RapidSMTP™ is able to send more than 100,000 emails per hour independent of the speed of your internet connection.

Does this sound impossible? Try RapidSMTP™ for Free todayFeatures